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    Reel to Reel repair , Teac Akai Sony Pioneer Technics Revox Tascams Fostex Uher Sansui  Robert's Panasonic and more!

Hi my name is Joe Stumpf; I am an electronics field service and repair person. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and have worked in trouble shooting complex electronic circuits and problems for more than 20 years. I am 43 years old (guess I don't look it?) I am a sound hobbyist and enthusiast!
  It is My Business and hobby to do Reel to Reel Repair & restoration of antique and unique electronics.  Such as Reel to Reel Tape Decks, Tube Amps, Pro Audio Equipment (especially higher quality units).  Teac's, Akai, Revox, Tascams, Pioneer, Fostex, Uher, Sansui, Sony, Robert's, Panasonic, Marantz, Mcintosh, Fender, Leak and more!  What is restoration? This is a very thorough repair in the way that even minor problems are corrected and the performance is restored to a new like condition (sometimes maybe better according to past customers, see View Entries below).  I won't just repair specific problems, what you'll be getting is an electronic reconditioning of the entire deck.  You will get a 1 year warranty on the work performed and high quality workmanship. Your notes on any know specific problems are helpful and may cut down on the time involved though.  I can work on any without problem and would be glad to handle your electronics.  I take pride in this work and know bringing back old memories and/or allowing analog recording to continue means a lot to some and to me.  It's not just a business it's a Passion!  Turnaround repair time is running between 7 to 10 business days. View the Guest Book below and click view entries to see what my customers have said about the work.
All Reel to Reel repairs and Equipment are packaged extremely well for return.  They are Insured and returned by way of UPS..If your packing material is suitable it will be reused if it is possible to save expense.  If it is not strong enough in our opinion new packing material will be used.  Safety will not be compromised.
   This Business has been up and running for over 10 years on the internet at this website. (and was going well before the internet was around) It's a lifetime thing for me.  Simple website but it gets the message across.  I don't advertise it that much so I can take time and do high quality work.

Below is some background on me.
  I began at Westinghouse (when they were a government contractor in Military Defense Electronics) doing repair and calibration of electronic laboratory instruments and industrial electronics. I also did some light electronic design and prototyping work (did invent one of the first hardware screen savers while there).  After working for Westinghouse I became a Field Service Engineer for Sopha Medical Systems, they designed and sold medical imaging computers and gamma cameras. I was based in Baltimore, Maryland and worked out of their office also doing technical support, prototyping and circuit modification and design. I was also responsible for working with many hospital and medical facilities/research facilities all around the United States to solve complex problems in Medical Imaging. I am knowledgeable in analog and digital circuits as well as RF transmitters. I also hold a general radio telephone license with a ship radar endorsement. This is a FCC license that allows me to work on transmitting equipment. I am also a Ham Radio operator and hold a Tech Plus license.  I enjoy solving problems and being friendly to customers. 
  If you wish to contact me, by email is probably best (I check it every day).  However my number is 1-575-434-9190 if you are more comfortable calling I'd be glad to speak with you, (Mountain Time).  I am located in New Mexico.  Please do leave a message if I'm not in.  I do first screen calls because of all the telemarketing.  If you wish to email me just click my email button and I'll get back to you soon. 
  It's simple to get something restored. 

1. Send me an email with your request mentioning the make and mod#

2. You'll get an email letter back telling you the average restore cost for your unit and the         address to send it in to.  (I'm in Alamogordo, New Mexico).

3.  You pack your unit up and call UPS for a pick-up and they'll come to  your door or you         can take it to their shipping center.

4.  Your unit gets refurbished here and you get an email invoice telling you it's ready.

5.  You make payment by PayPal or sending in a check.  You get a tracking #  for your box.

  In regard to vintage electronics/ Reel to Reel repair/etc. 
Simply call or email me and I will give you the OK to send in your equipment for repair.  All Reel to Reels need to be complete units without parts missing for me to work on them.  NO extra parts like reels of tape, covers, speakers, power cords are necessary, UPS has been running from $25 to $55 to ship heavier units out here. There is no fee until the unit is completed,  Note the 1 year warranty is from original invoice date.  Sorry I do not currently sell parts or manuals for reel to reel decks.  
  Many solutions can be found to restore your equipment to it's original operating condition or even better, for example tape heads can be resurfaced, drive belts can be cross-referenced by size, most semiconductors are available or can be substituted. I do have the ability to design electronic circuitry and do on occasion make a modification or two for improving a device. 
  From time to time I will have reconditioned units for sale at the bottom of my page.  I mostly will have Teac's, Tascams, Fostex, Akai's, Sansui, Sony, Robert's, and other higher end ones, in the way of reel to reel decks. 
  My main goal however is to repair/restore items for people who already own them.  You might say I like to repair what was thought once to be unrepairable.
  Thanks for stopping by! I want it to be a friendly site!  By the way I designed the website here so feel free to make suggestions.  Why not click the above add me to your favorites button?   Take a look at some of the restorations I've done below.  Only the tip of the iceberg!
I am located in Alamogordo New Mexico, USA.  Click
to virtually visit my town.
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You can track your UPS packages.  Using the below UPS online tool.  Just enter the ups tracking number and click track.
TEAC A-4070 REEL TO REEL Repair I did  it is a bi-directional Reel to Reel speeds are 3.75 and 7.5
AKAI 330D Handles 10 inch reels 
Sony TC-580 Reel to Reel Repair I did It has Bi-directional recording, 
Takes up to 7 inch reels.  One of my favorite units!
 Akai GX-230D it is bi-directional playing and forward record, it has 2 speeds 3.75 and 7.5, this is one of the newer Akai units.  It was another one of my reel to reel repair projects.
Above is a Sony TC-377 slope front reel-to-reel deck features 3 heads 3 speeds of 7 1/2, 3 3/4 and 1 7/8 ips, stereo recording/playback. It has a mic/line input for each channel. Has very easy threading as the pich roller moves out of the way, actually receeding back into the front panel when threading. 
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Some of the Reel to Reel Repair Restorations I've done
Wendy & I, Married July 4th  07
Antique Radio Restoration
Tube Amplifier
Akai GX-370d Reel to Reel Repair I did , Bi Directional in Play & Record Speeds are 3 3/4 , & 7 1/2 Handles
up to standard 7 inch reels.